The contract is concluded between the Internet service for the exchange of title units, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, on the one hand, and the Customer, represented by the one who applied to the contractor by creating an electronic application for the exchange of title units in a semi-automatic mode, or manually by contacting the official contact data posted on the website or by filling out the feedback form to process the application in manual mode, on the other hand.


2.1. Title unit exchange is an automated Internet service product provided by the Contractor on the basis of these rules.

2.2. Customer - an individual who agrees with the terms of the Contractor and this agreement, to which he joins.

2.3. The title character is a conventional unit of a particular payment system, which corresponds to the calculations of electronic systems and indicates the scope of rights corresponding to the agreement between the electronic payment system and its Customer.

2.4. Application - information transmitted by the Customer for the use of the Contractor's funds in electronic form and indicating that he accepts the terms of use of the service, which are offered by the Contractor in this application.


These rules are considered organized due to the terms of the public offer, which is formed at the time the Customer submits an application. A public offer is the information displayed by the contractor about the conditions for submitting an application. The main components of the public offer are the actions taken at the end of the application by the Customer and talking about his exact intentions to make a deal on the terms proposed by the Contractor before completing this application. The time, date, and parameters of the application are created by the Contractor automatically at the time of completion of the formation of this application. The proposal must be accepted by the Customer within 3 hours from the end of the formation of the application. The Service Agreement shall enter into force upon receipt of the title units in the full amount specified in the application from the Customer to the details of the Contractor. Operations with title units are accounted for in accordance with the rules, regulations and format of electronic settlement systems. The contract is valid for a period, which is established from the moment of filing an application until termination at the initiative of one of the parties.


By using technical methods, the Contractor undertakes to carry out the exchange of title units for a commission from the Customer, after the submission of an application by this person and does this by selling title units to persons, wishing to purchase them for the amount indicated not lower than in the application submitted by the Customer. The Contractor undertakes to transfer funds to the details specified by the Customer. Если это происходит при получении прибыли, она остается на счету Исполнителя в качестве дополнительной выгоды и надбавки за комиссионные услуги.


5.1. If the Contractor's account receives an amount that differs from that specified in the application, contractor makes a recalculation that corresponds to the actual receipt of title units. If this amount differs from that specified in the application by more than 10% the contract on the terms specified in the application may be terminated by the Contractor unilaterally, as not having entered into force, without the need to notify the Client about it and all funds are returned to the Client's details, taking into account the amount withheld for commission costs during the transfer.

5.2. In the event that the title units are not sent by the Contractor to the specified details of the Customer within 24 hours, The customer has the full right to demand termination of the agreement and cancel his application, thereby returning the title units to his account in full. An application for termination of the transaction and the return of title units by the Contractor in the event that the transferred funds have not yet been transferred to the return of the Customer's details. In case of cancellation of the contract, the return of the electronic currency is made within 24 hours from the receipt of the request to terminate the contract. If delays in the return occurred through no fault of the Contractor, he is not responsible for them.

5.3. In the event that the title units from the Customer do not arrive at the Contractor's account within the specified period, from the moment the Customer submits the application, the contract between the parties is terminated by the Contractor on the one hand, since the contract does not enter into force. The customer may not be notified about this. If the title units arrive at the details of the Contractor after the specified period, then such funds are transferred back to the Customer's account, and all commission costs associated with the transfer are deducted from these funds.

5.4. If there is a delay in the transfer of funds to the details specified by the Customer, due to the fault of the settlement system, the Contractor shall not be liable for damage, arising from long-term cash flow. In this case, the Customer must agree that all claims will be made against the settlement system, and the Contractor shall provide its assistance to the best of its ability within the law.

5.5. In case of detection of a falsification of communication flows or influencing, in order to worsen the work of the Contractor, namely its program code, the application is suspended, and the transferred funds are subject to recalculation in accordance with the current agreement. If the Customer does not agree with the recalculation, he has the full right to terminate the contract and the title units will be sent to the details specified by the Customer.

5.6. In the case of using the services of the Contractor, the Customer fully agrees that the Contractor bears limited liability in accordance with the scope of these rules for the received title units and does not give additional guarantees to the Customer, and also does not bear any additional responsibility to him. Accordingly, the Customer does not bear additional responsibility to the Contractor.

5.7. The Customer undertakes to comply with the norms of a legal, as well as not to fake communication flows and not to create obstacles to normal operation of the Contractor's program code.

5.8. The Contractor shall not be liable for damages and consequences in the event of an erroneous translation of title units in the event that the Customer indicated incorrect details when submitting an application.

5.9. In the event of a failure on the side of the payment system, such applications are processed manually during business hours.

5.10 The Contractor is not responsible for third parties who may impersonate the Contractor. All contacts that are not listed on this site are not the contacts of the Contractor and cannot be used for the purpose of carrying out any exchange transactions. For security purposes, make transitions to the messengers and social networks of the Contractor exclusively from this site. <b>Attention!</b> In Telegram, carefully check the <b>"Username"</b> to the nearest character with the one indicated on the site!

5.11 When sending title units to the Contractor's wallet, the confirmation of the Transaction, which must be provided to the Contractor, is properly a screenshot from the payment history, on which the timе, wallet address by the Contractor and the amount committed to the wallet address provided by the Contractor is clearly read.


Within 24 hours from the moment of execution of the exchange of title units, the Contractor provides a guarantee for the services provided, unless otherwise specified.


In the event that during the processing of the Customer's application, unforeseen circumstances (force majeure) arise that contribute to the Contractor's failure to fulfill the terms of the contract, the deadlines for the execution of the application are postponed to the corresponding period of the force majeure duration. The Contractor is not liable for overdue obligations.


Both parties, represented by the Contractor and the Customer, accept this agreement as an agreement of equal legal force, indicated in writing. The Agreement may be changed at the discretion of the Contractor without prior notice to the Customer. Changes to the Rules come into force from the moment of their publication.


9.1. We verify the identity of the User in order to make our service more secure and reliable, as well as in accordance with the law on combating money laundering and the law on countering the financing of terrorism. You agree that you are going through the identity verification process at our request. You agree that we may request additional documents to verify your identity or additional documents for a particular transaction.

The verification procedure for clients includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

1. Passport (main page or front side)

2. Passport (second page or reverse side)

3. Document confirming the address of residence (Passport registration, bank statement, utility bill or other document)

9.2 The administration of the Service, due to the danger of crimes related to money laundering and terrorist financing, has developed a policy to detect such transactions and other illegal activities. To determine such transactions, the service uses the service. If the AML risk for a transaction exceeds the minimum threshold, or if there are high-risk funds (these are Dark Market, Sanctions, Stolen Coins, Scam, etc.), the service reserves the right to:

1. Suspend the transaction for a period of 14 days or Hold the user's funds until the incident is fully investigated.

2. Ask the user for a photo or video with a document confirming the user's identity.

3. Request from the user a Screenshot or Video from the personal account of the wallet to withdraw cryptocurrency

4. Return digital assets only to the details, while the transfer was made or to other details after a full check of the Service's security service and verification of the user.

5. Request from the user other materials and documents related to the application.

6. Refuse the Client to withdraw funds to the account of third parties without explanation.

7. The return will be processed by the Service within 14 (fourteen) calendar days, starting from the date when the User was notified with the decision of the Service regarding his return request.

When making a refund, after passing the check (verification), the user is obliged to provide details for the refund. The refund fee is deducted from the client's funds. If the user does not provide the requested information and does not respond to service requests within 3 calendar months, the withheld funds will not be returned.


Claims under this agreement are accepted by the Contractor in the form of an e-mail, in which the Customer indicates the essence of the claim. This letter is sent to the details of the Contractor specified on the website.


11.1. It is strictly forbidden to use the services of the Contractor for illegal transfers and fraudulent activities. When concluding this agreement, the Customer undertakes to comply with these requirements and, in case of fraud, bear criminal liability established by law at the moment.

11.2. If it is impossible to complete the application within 5-60 minutes during business hours, due to circumstances beyond the control of the Contractor, such as lack of communication, lack of funds, or erroneous data of the Customer, funds are credited to the account within 24 hours or returned to the details of the Customer

11.3. At the first request, the Contractor has the right to transfer information about the transfer of electronic currency to law enforcement agencies, the administration of settlement systems, as well as victims of misconduct affected by fraud proven by the judiciary.

11.4. The customer undertakes to submit all documents proving his identity as well as other personal information in accordance with the requirements of payment systems for exchange transactions.

11.5. The customer undertakes to provide all documents proving his identity in case of suspicion of fraud and money laundering.

11.6. The Customer undertakes not to interfere with the work of the Contractor and not damage its software and hardware, and the Customer undertakes to transmit accurate information to ensure that the Contractor fulfills all the terms of the contract.

11.7 In case of receipt of funds from the Customer, which will later be withheld, seized or confiscated by the payment system, bank, law enforcement agencies by court order or for any other reasons to which the Contractor is not directly related, payment to the Customer will be made only after the receipt of these funds by the Contractor. The Customer is obliged within 7 days to repay all financial losses that were formed through no fault of the Contractor. Otherwise, the Contractor may withhold the funds of the Customer, which are available on the balance sheet of the Contractor until the full repayment of financial losses that occurred through the fault of the Customer.

11.8. It is strictly forbidden to use the service in arbitrage transactions. In case of suspicion of arbitrage transactions, the client's account will be blocked, and the exchange request will be canceled with a refund to the sender.

11.9. By accepting the terms of the offer, the customer undertakes to follow all the instructions on the site, carefully read them, get acquainted with the rules of the operation, work schedule, etc. In case of violation of its obligations, the Customer cannot have any claims against the Contractor for the quality and terms of service.


12.1. The Contractor may refuse to provide exchange services and make a refund if:

12.1.1. The purpose of payment transactions and the source of funds used for payment transactions is limited or prohibited by the current anti-money laundering policy, site rules, the law of the country of our registration, the law of the customer's country and other regulatory documents.

12.1.2. The funds were sent under a different name that does not match the name of the Customer.

12.2. The Contractor has the right not to provide services if the customer refuses to provide the required documents to confirm the identity of the Client or the identity of the Client has not yet been confirmed.

12.3. The Contractor is obliged to return the funds paid by the customer, to the same details from which the funds were received, if it is not possible to execute the application within the deadline in accordance with 5.2. Except cases from item 7.

12.4. The customer may request a refund before the transaction is executed. The return procedure lasts up to 24 hours and is fully refundable, except for: — Direct costs for refunds, such as payment system fees — incurring losses by the Contractor (up to 5% of the exchange amount) The return period may be extended if the Contractor does not have the necessary funds.

12.5. The customer cannot request a refund on an already executed order.


You are responsible for determining what taxes, if any, are applicable to payments you make or receive and you are responsible for collecting, reporting and reporting the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority. We are not responsible for determining which taxes are applicable to your Transaction, nor for collecting, reporting and transferring any taxes due on any Transaction. You hereby agree to comply with all applicable tax laws in connection with your use of the services, including, without limitation, the reporting and payment of any taxes arising in connection with Transactions made through


We reserve the right to restrict access to the site or refuse service for the following reasons:

1. Violation of any terms of this Agreement

2. Sending false documents for verification

3. Visiting our website using an anonymous agent or VPN

4. Use of funds obtained illegally

5. Opening multiple accounts for one person

6. Complaint about our service to payment system operators without prior contact with us

7. Spam


The Contractor has the right to refuse to conclude an agreement and fulfill an application, and without giving reasons (based on the rules of the service). This paragraph applies to any client.


Republic of Abkhazia, Republic of South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

Also, residents of Ukraine who live in the territory temporarily not controlled by the government of Ukraine (AR of Crimea, certain regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions) are not served.

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